The Saudi Oil Minister recognizes the need to act on climate change

Saudi Oil Minister recognizes the need to act on climate change. If only our own politicians would be as on the ball.

Climate Change is a huge threat that has an answer if we could only get our politicians to honestly address it. Even Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi said recently that while it would be too disruptive to stop all pumping of oil at once, but that “In Saudi Arabia, we recognize that eventually, one of these days, we are not going to need fossil fuels, I don’t know when, in 2040, 2050…. So we have embarked on a program to develop solar energy. Hopefully, one of these days, instead of exporting fossil fuels, we will be exporting gigawatts, electric ones. Does that sound good?” – Reuters

Here in Philadelphia we are right now being pushed by Marcellus shale gas promoters into approving a fossil fuel "energy hub." Some of our politicians seem to be buying into it – most likely out of the sincere effort to somehow fund our schools and other big problems.

Perhaps we should contact our council people, representatives, and senators about better options like investing in clean green energy instead? If the Saudi's are doing it, maybe our own leaders will listen to sense.

Kay Wood is the author of an environmental graphic novel, The Big Belch which has been getting excellent reviews. She is now writing the next book in the series and producing a new environmental talk radio show, Planet Philadelphia that will air soon on Gtown radio.

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