Species Survival? cartoon by Kay Wood

"Species Survival?" Kay Wood ©2014 thebigbelch.com

We are changing our environment drastically - releasing tons of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases. Something to consider in our hell bent quest to extract and more and more oil - just which species will actually be able to survive better in the new climate we’re creating? Kay Wood


Kay Wood is the author and illustrator of The Big Belch, environmental graphic novel, thebigbelch.com

“... Kay Wood has authored a page-turner of a graphic novel called The Big Belch. She makes us laugh, and makes us cringe as she weaves a story about fossil-fuel addiction, big oil, and our love-hate relationship with gas guzzling cars and get-it-right now lifestyles. How will our baby boomer aged hero's and band of misfit characters survive The Big Belch? ...” — 350 Philadelphia

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