Coming Soon - Planet Philadelphia - environmental talk show - G-Town Radio produced by Kay Wood

I’m starting a new venture – besides writing the next book that is – and that’s a new radio talk show! Yikes – never done anything like this before.

Planet Philadelphia is a new talk show for the many NW Philadelphians who care about the environment, and will be coming to G-Town radio as soon as I finish my training. I hope you will want to come talk about the little things and the big things that make our natural environment better. Like cleaning up along the Wissahickon, recycling, working on community gardens. Like going to demonstrations to fight climate change, and demanding elected officials at all levels of government do what’s right to make our world and community a better place.

Right now you can check out the website I’m building. It’s got some incindiary posts already. Here’s the link:

Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates all want to invest in a dirty dying industry

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