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Kay Wood and The Big Belch have been getting some press. Take a look

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Artist finds success as graphic novelist
By Alicia M. Colombo, Milestones March 2015
This story was reprinted in the Chestnut Hil Local under the title "Mt. Airy artist/novelist overcomes ‘dead arm’"
The Big Belch: Big Fun, Serious Message

This graphic novel features a team of superheros, including a parrot named Fletcher.

Amanda Lafond


The Big Belch is not your usual graphic novel. While typically this medium seems to feature heroes who are nearly exclusively young, Kay Wood’s work takes a different approach. When the plans of a big oil company put the earth in danger, it’s not a superhero who saves the day, but two baby boomers, a bulldog and a parrot.

For Wood, the subject matter of the graphic novel is what drove its creation. "When I saw the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, I just had to do something,” Wood said.... rest of article

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