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Here is some artwork from The Big Belch - from some of the mountain of drawings in the novel.


The Big Belch is an action packed very funny graphic novel, written and illustrated by artist Kay Wood about our nutty love-hate realationship with oil. The Leeway Foundation  awarded Wood an Art and Change grant for The Big Belch, which had also successfully attracted start up funding on Kickstarter


The Big Belch story begins when Big Oil, Inc. causes an enormous oil spill that produces vast ecological destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. In a quest to save its bottom line the company engages in a reckless experiment, which if it goes awry could envelope the entire world in an atmospheric climate change crisis generated by a giant methane blast — a big belch. An unwilling participant in this plan brings it to the attention of a baby boomer couple, Monty Cane and Maureen Able, and their animal companions: Fletcher, a super-intelligent parrot, and François, an extraordinarily lovable French bulldog. They're the team that must act quickly to save the world. They are also a team that I plan to use confronting other environmental criminals in future graphic novels.


The Big Belch is a 118 page environmental graphic novel with text and approximately 5-7 drawings per page.

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