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Screening Series

The works in this series can be viewed from all sides. Interactivity is integral to these pieces. They can be installed in different ways depending on the space and the inclinations of the person/s setting them up. The works size varies. Their appearance also changes depending on the lighting. Some pages/panels are translucent, and because of this some elements may emerge or not as the lighting changes.

The process used to make these pieces is rather complex. It combines traditional media and computer manipulated printouts - sometimes laser print and sometimes a new color process that is equivalent in duration to photography. Usually I start with images I have drawn, photographed or painted, and scan them into the computer. They are then manipulated in the digital format and printed out and combined with original traditional media elements. The traditional media used are pencil, ink and acrylic paint. It’s impossible to translate in slides the tactile effect of the different varieties of paper and paint application that contrasts and blends textures and translucency. 

Continuing the exploration of interactions between viewers and the art, some of the works are in a traditional book format requiring a viewer to interact with the pieces by turning the pages. The turning act changes aspects of the work, bringing different pages in view with different synthesis of symbols and patterns. Turning the pages also introduces the elements of sound and time. As with the floor pieces, some pages are more translucent than others and imagery appears or disappears not just with the turning of the page, but also as the light hits them at changing angles. There is a fluctuation and flow, an uncovering and obscuration. 

Screening Series: Books: mixed media on rice paper, wood and plexiglas. Fan out, different arrangements of display. This is "Hand Out."

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