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Relations Series
painter's pants.jpg

Over the years I've explored concerns in my work, whether painting, digital works, mixed media, books, sculpture or installations. It's a search for cohesion, taking seemingly disparate things and creating a balanced whole. I often combine traditional media and computer manipulated printout. I start with images I've drawn, photographed or painted, manipulate in the computer then print them out and combine with traditional media elements, most often acrylic paint, pencil, and/or ink. For the larger paintings, I usually draw each clothing item or nature element item in pencil then paint with acrylics. I've combined real clothing that had been worn and combined them with painting striving to balance the resonances of image and reality. I suppose one could call it found object work. But all the clothing pieces have meaning, reflections of the lives of people I know so in a way they found me as much as I found them.

The large swaying painted rice paper sheets, suspended by fish line so that they move with any passing breeze or with air currents created as people walk between them. I envision it as a surrounding interactive experience for the viewer. Motion is one of the interactive variables - any breeze, even just that of someone strolling by, will set them swaying, which means the viewer has a direct effect on the work as they view it. In addition the pages/paintings are translucent and imagery appears or disappears as the light and the angle of the viewer changes. This change also makes time and space elements of the work. The piece donated today is from this series and can be hung from fishing line in the center of a room or against the wall. Hanging it away from the wall allows more play of light and motion.
©Kay Wood

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