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About Kay Wood
I seem to be pretty eclectic and this site shows only a portion of my artwork - concentrating on the fine art I devoted years to. I've got a lot that isn't shown here right now. Here's what some critics have said about my past work.

Art critic Lilly Wei said about Kay Wood’s work: It’s “... beautifully rendered, visually penetrable but hard, sealed, the pictures and marks embedded in many layers of translucent acrylic, layers that glow as the light passes through them, activating the color. Like fossils in resin, the configurations are preserved and presented, specimens from a cabinet of curiosities, visual tests to be decoded...”

Jeff Wright said in Cover Magazine:  “...Wood sees her work as balancing aesthetic concerns with thematic propositions...The works are handsome and have a dreamy quality. Their success lies in their ability to conflate both the apparent and the apparition.”

R.B. Strauss “...Kay Wood's paintings focus on the geological and the biological. Her work is mixed media on paper on wood...Natural splendor from all quarters is found at Pentimenti Gallery.”

Roberta Fallon “...Kay Wood's collage oil paintings. The small, colorful works showcase images of objects--some manmade, some natural--floating in fields of rich color. The images--organic shapes like a pear or a fossilized flower and inorganic shapes like a glove or a shower curtain ring--are hand-drawn, then scanned and collaged onto the paintings. The play of manmade vs. nature works well against a background that suggests a cosmos of fading stars and looming black holes...[It evokes] thoughts about ecology and humankind's careless husbandry of the earth.”

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