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The Big Belch

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The Big Belch story begins when Big Oil, Inc. causes an enormous oil spill that produces vast ecological destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. In a quest to save its bottom line the company engages in a reckless experiment, which if it goes awry could envelope the entire world in an atmospheric climate change crisis generated by a giant methane blast — a big belch. An unwilling participant in this plan brings it to the attention of a baby boomer couple, Monty Cane and Maureen Able, and their animal companions: Fletcher, a super-intelligent parrot, and François, an extraordinarily lovable French bulldog. They're the team that must act quickly to save the world. They are also a team that I plan to use confronting other environmental criminals in future graphic novels. The Big Belch is a 118 page environmental graphic novel with text and approximately 5-7 drawings per page.

The Big Belch: Big Fun, Serious Message
This graphic novel features a team of superheroes, including a parrot named Fletcher.
Amanda Lafond

The Big Belch is not your usual graphic novel. While typically this medium seems to feature heroes who are nearly exclusively young, Kay Wood’s work takes a different approach. When the plans of a big oil company put the earth in danger, it’s not a superhero who saves the day, but two baby boomers, a bulldog and a parrot…” to see the rest of the article:
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