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New Graphic Novel Almost Done - Amazing Color!

I'm finally making great progress on my second graphic novel, The Big Frack! It's in color this time. Getting it done has taken ages - mostly because life kept intruding. Darn rude of life, but what can one do? Anyway, here's a bit about The Big Frack.

The Big Frack, is the second hilarious graphic novel by artist, writer, and radio show host, Kay Wood, about our seriously insane fossil fuel mania. The Big Frack is a tale of all too human foibles and missteps. Once again the baby boomer couple, Monty Cane and Maureen Able, along with their super-intelligent parrot Fletcher, and amorous French bulldog extraordinaire, François, are in the middle of trying events. They and a mix of quirky, lovable characters work together to try to stop a cast of assorted villains from endangering people’s health and lives. Will the great state of Pencilvania be saved from a government/corporate plan to open state parks to drilling and possibly poisoning the drinking water for millions? Read The Big Frack to find out.

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